[How to Prepare File]
Safe Zone
The Safe Zone as demonstrated in the image below is the area within the blue. Here is where all important elements  (text, images, logos, etc.) must be placed. Any elements outside of the safe zone will be trimmed.

Trim Zone
The Trim Zone (trim line) as demonstrated in the image below is the pink line which is where the business card will be trimmed to its final size. Variations may occur during the trimming process, and we cannot guarantee business cards will be trimmed perfectly.

Bleed Zone
The Trim Zone (trim line) as demonstrated in the image below is the black line. Be sure to extend background images or colors to the edge o the black line as this will ensure continuity to the edge of the business card. 0.1″ bleed for standard, Wink Special Shaped and folded business cards. 0.325″ for all other Special Shaped Business Cards.

Vector versus Bitmapped Image
A vector image is an image made up of lines and curves, and can be modified without losing detail or clarity. A bitmapped image will lose clarity when resized, the vector graphic can be scaled indefinitely without losing clarity.

When zoomed in, the bitmapped image appears jagged, whereas the vector graphic appears clear and crisp. You will want to keep this in mind when using images. To get the highest quality we recommend using vector images.

CMYK Color Mode
CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Keyline (Black). These 4 colors of ink are used for offset printing. Cyan is a shade of blue found in the 4 primary color printing process. Magenta is a shade of hot pink found in the basic 4 color printing process.

It is important that you convert your files to CMYK, since this is the only color mode that we accept for printing. Any other color mode will not produce optimal printing results.

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